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A tale of two brothers - Surabuddin and Nagimuddin

14-Aug, 2010
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Perhaps, the greatest brother duo to have played for Mohun Bagan is Shibdas Bhaduri and Bijaydas Bhaduri. Both of them were important members of the historic Mohun Bagan team that won the IFA Shield in the year 1911.

Habib and his brother Akbar also played together for Mohun Bagan from 1976 to 1978 and helped Mohun Bagan to win a lot of trophies including triple crown in 1977. Chuni Goswami and Manik Goswami also played together for Mohun Bagan in 1956 and 1957.

This year, Mohun Bagan has recruited Nagimuddin Mollick (jersey number 18) and his brother Surabuddin Mollick (jersey number 36)(U-19). Hope their performance will help Mohun Bagan to win trophies this year. Surabuddin's performance in the match against Challenger XI and in other practice matches has been praiseworthy. They both are part of Budge Budge Football Academy. Executive Committee Member of Mohun Bagan Athletic Club, Joy Prakash Kandu, is the Secretary of the Academy.



We had a chat with both of them.

MMB: Which position do you play in?

Nagimuddin: I play in defence and have played as stopper as well as side back. I have played as sweeper too.

Surabuddin: I play in midfield, both central as well in the flanks, though I have played more as right half. I have also played lot of matches as striker. Even this year, in the first practice match I played as striker.

MMB: Tell us about your previous clubs.

Nagimuddin: I started my career from a 4th division club. In 2006, I joined George Telegraph where I played for 3 years. Last year, I was in Tollygunge Agragami.

Surabuddin: In 2008, I joined George Telegraph from where I changed club to Mohammedan AC last year.

MMB: Tell us something about the Budge Budge Academy.

Nagimuddin and Surabuddin: As you know, Joy da is the Secretary of the academy. He has been of great influence in our life. We would like to mention the name of few coaches of the Academy who has helped us a lot in our small career so far. They are Chinmoy Chakraborty (ex captain of BNR), Ardhendu Das, Kutubuddin Molla (ex Mohammedan Sporting player).

MMB: Tell us about your family.

Nagimuddin and Surabuddin: We are four brothers. Our elder brother, Sahabuddin Mollick, was the assistant coach of Tollygunge Agragami, when Alok Mukherjee was the Chief Coach. He has also been coach of Southern Samity and Subhashdip. Our father who died 8 years ago also played a lot of football, though he did not play for any professional club. So you can say, we are from a football family.

MMB: Any memorable match while playing against Mohun Bagan?

Nagimuddin: While I was in George Telegraph, we held Mohun Bagan 1-1 and two years back in a very close match Mohun Bagan won 3-2. Tollygunge also beat East Bengal and Mohammedan Sporting.

Surabuddin: Last year, Mohun Bagan won 1-0 against Mohammedan AC. The match was a very keenly contested and won when Chiddi scored the winning goal 5 minutes before final whistle.

MMB: How do you find the overall atmosphere of the club? Any pressure while playing for Mohun Bagan?

Nagimuddin: I am really enjoying practicing in Mohun Bagan ground. The fans, officials, coach, other players all are very supportive. Definitely there is pressure to play for a big club like Mohun Bagan, I have to keep that in mind and give our best while playing.

Surabuddin: The atmosphere is very good. I will have to practice hard and give my best for Mohun Bagan.

MMB: Who were your childhood idols?

Nagimuddin: My elder brother, Sahabuddin. Also, Krishanu Dey, Dipak Mandal and Rio Ferdinand.

Surabuddin: There are many and fortunately most of them are in Mohun Bagan right now. They include Ashim Biswas, Jayanta Sen, Barreto and last but not the least Chidi. I am a big fan of Chidi from the days when he was playing for Sporting de Goa. It is a dream come true to play with these players.

MMB: Is there any healthy competition between the two of you?

Nagimuddin: No, there is absolutely no competition, but when we play against each other, we try to give our best for our respective teams. Last year, we played against each other and the match ended 1-1. I played as the stopper for Tollygunge while Surabuddin was the striker for Mohammedan AC. It was a tough game. Surabuddin missed an easy chance in the match.

Surabuddin: Two days ago in practice, we went for a ball and Bhai (Nagimuddin) tackled me and we both fell down. Coach Stanley said jokingly "You two brothers, don't fight."

MMB: Are you enjoying the practice sessions under Stanley?

Nagimuddin: I was injured and I joined practice late, but there is so much to learn from these practice sessions of Stanley. It is an all new experience for me. Coach Stanley is a very nice man, mixes with us very nicely. He rectifies our mistake. He did a very good job for Lajong.

Surabuddin: Yes, he mixes with all the players very nicely and also points our mistakes during practice. His behaviour is also extremely good.



MMB: Which is your favourite club and country in World football?

Nagimuddin: Manchester United and Spain.

Surabuddin: Arsenal and Spain.

MMB: Which has been the best match so far in your career?

Nagimuddin: Tollygunge beat East Bengal 2-1, I played in sweeper position. I think this has been my best match in my football career so far.

Surabuddin: Last year while playing for Mohammedan AC, we held Mohammedan Sporting 1-1. Also while playing for U-19 Bengal, we beat Mizoram 1-0, I scored the goal.

MMB: Have you played for Bengal?

Surabuddin: I was part of the U-19 and U-21 Bengal team.

MMB: What was the experience of playing in front of Diego Forlan?

Nagimuddin: Unfortunately, I could not play the match. I had just joined practice 2 days back. But still it was an amazing experience to get photographed with him. Also, I shook hands with him.

Surabuddin: It was as if I was standing in front of God. It is every player's dream to play in front of such great players.

MMB: Who is your favourite player from World Football?

Nagimuddin: Ferdinand, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Surabuddin: Fabregas.

MMB: Bengal won Santosh Trophy after 11 years. How do you feel?

Nagimuddin: Yes, it was a great win for Bengal and a much needed one too. I think this performance will help Mohun Bagan to play well this year as there were 6 players of Mohun Bagan in the Bengal team.

Surabuddin: Bengal really played good football, especially in the semi final and final and they deserved to win the tournament. Robin Singh and Denson scored two good goals in semi final and final. We will also have to play like Bengal and help Mohun Bagan win trophies this year.

MMB: Of the coaches you have played under, who are your favourites?

Nagimuddin: Chinmoy Chakraborty and of course Stanley.

Surabuddin: I would say Stanley Rosario apart from the coaches of academy.

MMB: Any coach under whom you would like to play in the future?

Nagimuddin: Karim Bencharifa.

Surabuddin: Armando Colaco.

MMB: Have you been a Mohun Bagan supporter from childhood?

Nagimuddin: Actually, I have not been supporter of any team. My main aim was to play for big clubs like Mohun Bagan and also in future I would like to play for Goan clubs also.

Surabuddin: I have been a supporter of players and not clubs eg. Due to Surkumar and Dipak Mandal, I would support Mohun Bagan and also due to Sunil Chetry, I would support East Bengal. But this year, a lot of my favourite players are there in Mohun Bagan and I would give my best for the team.

MMB: Other than the Mohun Bagan players, who would you say is the best footballer you have played with?

Nagimuddin and Surabuddin: Dipendu Biswas.

MMB: Say something about the senior players of Mohun Bagan?

Nagimuddin: They are very cooperative. Captain Ishfaq, Jayanta, Snehasish and others are very helpful. I am a little close to Sangram.

Surabuddin: Jayanta, Gouranga, Sangram, Shilton and others help us a lot. I and Dipendu are two U-19 players, we get lot of help from the seniors of the team.


Joy Prakash Kandu: I know them for many years. I have asked them to play in small clubs to gain experience, and this year I brought them to Mohun Bagan. They would always listen to me. Surabuddin got call from Air India and East Bengal at the start of this season. Not just the Mollick brothers, Budge Budge Academy has produced many good players over the years who played successfully for various clubs. Hopefully, Nagimuddin and Surabuddin will play well for Mohun Bagan this year.

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